lady danger

i went to tallahassee this weekend for late nights, girlfriends, and college football. it was a grand time filled with barbeque, beer, and boys. i got a new lipstick just for the occasion. i'm about to pick up a lavender color as well.
shirt: thrifted DIY tee, necklace: f21, sunnies: french quarter market in nola, lipstick: MAC lady danger


Isabel said...

I bet you rock that purple lipstick like no other!

la petite fashionista said...

too bad it was such an awful game! love the lip color :)

Anonymous said...

i have yet to see your tat.
you look as thin as a pin.

x marq (sthespot)

InnyVinny said...

I'm glad you gave me a reference for the lipstick color. It looks amazing on you.

Bev said...

lipstick goes so well. real punky look going on. rock it x