happy halloween!

i went as a zombie this year, and i must say that it was super fun putting on all the fake wounds and gashes and blood. maybe im morbid, whatever im okay with it =). dawn and i went to the hard rock casino in south florida to party and i must say that it was indeed a fantastic fiasco (ooo alliteration!) which included dancing with the joker, shotshotshots, and then losing our keys, resulting in getting locked out of our apartment after a $60 cab ride. we broke in with a screwdriver, so all was well. i hope everyone has a FUN and safe evening!
ps, for those of you who were asking where my sis got her glasses from...i have NO idea. sorry!! i'll try to find out and let you know.


Isabel said...

Wooo, sounds like you had a freakin awesome night! Zombies are hot.

InnyVinny said...



Highdee said...

WOAH. Freaky, but you look hot!