we just wanna get our kicks for free

lounging around before running some errands and enjoying an italian dinner on hollywood beach with good friends. the weather in these parts is absolutely gorgeous right now. all sunshine during the day and beautifully breezy at night. i haven't worn these shorts in awhile and i decided i love them for daytime. this tee is the oldest, rattiest, hole-filled thing ever and it used to be a dress, but its been butchered. i bought these shoes at h&m in chicago a couple weeks ago and they are the MOST COMFORTABLE wedge/sandal hybrid ever. i've been living in them.
diy chain shorts, old navy tee


Isabel said...

I looked at the pictures and was like "AREN'T YOU COLD??" Then I remembered you live in Florida...

InnyVinny said...

@ Isabel, I did, too. LOL.

Fashion Court said...

absolutely LOVE those shoes! i need to track those babies down!

helen said...

ugh love the shoes. there are ZERO h&ms in the state of texas...i need to get back to the east (real) coast asap. love the post!

helen :)

Polished Sense said...

Congrats on finding those fab shoes in Chi-town...waah-waahht 8-) (I'm from there) and they look ah-mazing on!

have a great wknd,