im too old for this

i went out friday night for my 20-something birthday. i had a great time dancing with my friends and eating pizza at 4 am. however, it meant that i didn't leave my bed til about 5 pm the next day...oh well, it was worth it! saturday night i got italian takeout with a friend and went to see despicable me. has anybody seen that yet? it was great. how was your weekend?
wearing: thrifted dress, aldo shoes, f21 ring & bag


jamie-lee said...

happy belated birthday! hehe I kinda kniow what you mean, although if I stay out that late I end up waking up at 10am and feeling like crap all day!


Glitter Scrubs said...

happy birthdaaaay! glad you're finally back posting :) ya, i find my post-celebration recovery time increases with each passing year.. i should probably take it easier, but that would just make sense.

A. said...

you look great! love your dress

Ashleigh. said...

Best outfit!


geri hirsch said...

happy birthday! such a cutie patutie. xo