f yeah ellery. so good.  i had to take a minute and post some of my favorite looks from the ellery show in oz. pretty much all i want to wear right now. 


things i wore: instagram edition

instagram is legiorno if you want more.

since the new year, ive moved to chicago and spent some time in vegas. #20something


recent outfits via my iphone.


pit stop: san antonio

on my trip, we made a quick pit stop in downtown san antonio to check out a few sites and have lunch at the riverwalk. san antonio was nice. i was really tired. 
ps. the fact that the only shopping we had time for was in a souvenir shop didn't stop me from picking up a few cheesy things. i secretly love souvenir shops.


road trip diary: marfa, texas

one of my good friends moved to san diego, so we took a little (ha!) road trip there last weekend and one the way we had the chance to spend the day in marfa, texas. jane of sea of shoes put this place on my map with her posts and i was stoked to be able to experience it for myself. 
we drove around for a little bit to get our bearings and figure out where we wanted to start exploring (everywhere) and where we should park the car (anywhere). 
i really wanted to eat lunch at the food shark, on the dining bus, but sadly it was closed on saturdays. thankfully, this little crepe truck was waiting for us under a pavilion and the roasted veggie was awesome.
marfa is the home of the movie giant with elizabeth taylor and james dean, two of the dreamiest and most iconic actors of all time. 
moonlight gemstones was so beautiful. paul graybeal and ben toro create the absolute most beautiful custom jewelry, which you can order through their site and the rock collection is absolutely incredible.
cochineal was delicious and it is the quaintest little space with small red tables and matching chairs set up in a gravel courtyard with christmas lights twinkling in the surrounding trees. the butternut squash soup was so good, mmmm i could totally go for that right now. 
padres was super fun and full of locals and out of towners. there was a strange mix of young kids, hipsters, and cowboys. the vibe was really relaxed and the beer was cheap. my kind of place, for sure.
being from florida, texas was pretty surreal in general, but marfa was a little special. the people were cool and interesting and most of all, really nice. plus, i have a serious addiction to old things, vintage worn out books for example, and marfa felt like an entire bookstore full of them, but with impeccably crisp white pages. like it had never been opened.